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Service Offerings:-
  • Web Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Using Python Frameworks
  • Hardware Applications
  • Consulting
  • Developing Applications using Core Python

Our System have developed many Web applications, Desktop applications and Mobile applications using Python. We have developed applications in the field of Social Media, Education and Career, E-Commerce, Accounting and Finance, Agriculture, Telecommunication, Health and Medicine etc.

We have developed applications like
  • Tracking and comparing performance of brands on facebook and twitter
  • Accountancy software that includes dashboard, financial reports, managing payments, inventory, purchase orders, sending invoices etc
  • CMS based website for building job and educational programs
  • Data parsing script for food recipe
  • Social network based financial market place having features like chat, events, news feed, calculate EMI, facebook sign-in & sign-up, credit sharing, user profile, loan application etc
  • Customized API of vendor ordering process
  • Mapping field boundaries, create farm maps using GPS
  • Enigma2 plugin along with Video on demand channel with features like play and pause and live streaming channel
  • Medical adherence system having features like manage users, add patient medication report, add patient profile, search for medication, reports etc
  • Event management having features like user management, sign-in and sign-up via facebook, social media sharing, customize calendar for each user, multiple events view, event details, messages between users etc

Python is high level programming language. It is excellent for large and complex projects. Advantages of using Python:-
  • Open source
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Supports cross platform
  • Can be used as scripting or glue language
  • Cost effective
  • program modularity and code reuse
  • Edit-test-debug cycle is fast
  • More secure

It provides different types of Frameworks for different type of applications like:-
  • Django, web2py, CherryPy, Pyramid etc are Web Frameworks. Disqus, Instagram, Giant Bomb etc have developed applications using Python Web Frameworks
  • Pygame, Panda3D, Soya3D, Python Imaging Library and Python-Ogre are Graphics Frameworks. Armourscape, Ascent of justice, 3D tile puzzle, Bombz, Dragon hunt, Tagger, Cuboid clone etc are the games developed using above frameworks.
  • Kivy, PyGTK, PyQt, PySide, TKinter and wxPython are UI Frameworks
  • Asterisk framework for developing VOIP system

It also provides Numeric and Scientific Packages like NumPy, SciPy, SymPy, PyGSL etc that adds a fast, compact, multidimensional array facility to Python. It also includes modules for linear algebra, optimization, integration.

Mathematical Libraries and Additional Development Packages like modules for hashing, ssl support, packages to access Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, modules for audio etc are provided in Python. Python is used daily in the operations of Google search engine, Youtube, NASA, New York Stock Exchange.

It also provides Scientific Packages, Mathematical Libraries and Additional Development Packages. Python is used daily in the operations of

Case Study

GPS tracking and Viewpoint python script, for farming and seed management
Technology  Python Django framework

Project was completed on time

Mr. Gerard Shaw
CEO Listo ltd

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