Micro Compiler
Australian tech giant successfully solved its translation issues with the help of Our System Pvt Ltd.’s competency in creating complex compiler level development
Micro Compiler

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Micro Compiler


Our client was based in Australia. They are one of the giants in the education field in Australia who wanted to create this compiler for a very moral purpose and empowerment of the students.


Project Requirement is to create a micro-compiler using python language in which it takes text file as an input, read different types of expressions from it and convert it in to machine code and display it in to command prompt.

  • Firstly, in this project there is a one microcompiler.py file created using different logics of python language, which takes text file as an input, and read different types of expressionsfrom it.
  • Microcompiler.py file works as a compiler .There are different types of logic in it, which are able to read any types of regular expressions. Compiler reads all the expressions line by line and is there any error in file, Compiler shows error message in command prompt.
  • Than, it creates tokens of these expressions using different python syntax and logic, this phase is called lexical analyzer.
  • It combines all the tokens, create parse tree, and convert it into machine code.
  • Finally compiler displays this code into command prompt.

Our System Pvt Ltd. implemented below given features:
  • Microcompiler.py file works as a compiler. It is able to convert all types of regular expressions into virtual machine code.
  • Compiler reads all the text files line by line and shows messages if there is an error in expressions.
  • Easy to use and faster execution

  • User has just need to run microcompiler.py file for execution. So it works faster than other compiler.
  • User can also store output code in text file.

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