Event management
We had only 20 days to complete a full fledge Event app with Django as backend.
Event management

We got the project in time as expected and proposed, we are extremely happy with deliverables.

Technology giant from USA

Event management


Event management company in USA.

This marks our foot on one more region over the globe where we provide our services. We have done many projects in Middle East and where of the scale in terms of value like this one.

The client came up with idea of socializing the Events management with users able to not only view Events, but do social activities like sharing, commenting, liking, inviting, chat with friends or meet new people. We were straight away on to this project without any second thought.


The only issue was the 20 Day time limit for project completion. And the project was not simple, it was lengthy and had time consuming tasks involved.


We had only 20 days to complete a full fledge Event app with Django as backend. This included task for creating a customize admin panel theme, complete database back-end development and iOS mobile application development. We had all the expert resources ready and the only thing was against the goal was time.

We had again relied on our indigenously developed methodology Rapid-M. Using Rapid-M we were able to create our tasks with ease; the flow was made clear and the sub development tasks and processes

  • Using Rapid- M allowed us first plan the deliverables, made our approval cycle and requirement fixation fast and clear and helped achieved goals on time.
  • Not only in terms of development but a clear and transparent communication process with our client made the project smoother. We have extremely qualified project managers and executives, who know their work well and they are for our clients and not for the company‚Äôs management. This attitude makes our company flourish day by day, step by step closer to our bigger goals.
  • We used latest Django Framework, postgre sql for better management of data and making the website open source. While our iOS developers worked on product enhancements via adding few animations, crisp and clear flow and providing a bug free application to end users.

  • Delivered application before time (19 Days to be precise)
    • A new internal milestone here.
  • A bug free and stunning iOS application
  • Robust backend with easy interface
  • Ability to handle multiple users and event data without any hustle.

Our System Pvt Ltd. implemented below given features:
  • User management
  • Sign-In Sign up via FB and Email
  • Social media sharing via Twitter and FB
  • Multiple Events view and Event details
  • Events Details
  • Explore Find Events
  • Customize Calendar for each user
  • Stunning iOS app
  • Easy yet powerful Backend
  • Messages between users
  • Instagram like feeds for users
  • Various settings and Push notification

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