VidaStyle: A Fashion Blog for Brazil
Fashionista blog in Django using data scrapper
VidaStyle: A Fashion Blog for Brazil

The team at PythonIndia" were cooperative and did their job professionally, even though when we were able to make payment late, they didnt stop work and did even few extra tasks. We will surely work on next project with them.


VidaStyle: A Fashion Blog for Brazil

Client and Project

Fashion is one of the biggest industry in the new age world. Fashion related blogs and media information are viewed and followed by almost all internet savvy users. Thus there are many websites now a days that provides information on various celebs and latest fashion trends, events and news. But there are very few websites that provides you all this scattered information from one place.

One of such website now that does is VidaStyle and we are happy to inform that this website will be out soon through which you can view various information and hear from various fashion blogs from just one site.

The client is from one of the largest fashion hubs, from Brazil. This makes it important the deliver a high quality website with ultimate look and feel.

The Challenge
  • Generally blogging sites are created using PHP and wordpress. And WordPress also suit such websites. As per client request we choose Django to develop this blogging site.
    • Here blogs weren’t needed to write, but scrap from WordPress RSS Feeds.
    • We could have easily used WordPress and complete site within a week, but the real challenge was to show 5000+ blogs on this website.
  • We knew WordPress might not be able to handle such huge amount of data well as it included parsing and scrapping of blogs, storing of blogs and update of 5000+ blogs every 15 minutes.
  • This needed a robust solution and a dynamic database.
  • The next challenge was to design a stunning website while keeping the development activity intact.
  • Also the site needed to parse data from different blogs that might have different language. So this needed to search a solution that could parse this data well and show effectively.
  • The client wanted the site to have best SEO, this had to be achieved via development and not hiring any SEO expert

  • Our first step was to study the WordPress blog RSS feeds. As unless we studied it, we would not know how the data is coming, what all data we have to show. The other non-functional aspect here was to get idea what the actual site visitors will look for the information when we show them the parsed blog.
  • The second step was to implement a scraper that is accurate enough to fetch, parse and store data in utf-8 format.
  • The next step was to implement and showcase a wonderful and exotic looking design as the website was about fashion.
  • For SEO we had our in-house SEO expert and in addition to that, we already have enough experience and give our client SEO friendly, w3C validated html and css website.
  • We implemented the eTag and Feedparser package available in Django to scrap the blog data.
  • We implemented and stored blog data in utf-8 format.
  • We provided further solution to Admin to updated the blog data.
  • Also we created cron job to check all blogs every 15 minutes and update each blog that had any updation.
  • Other than above, we showed the data very aesthetically and the blog images were displayed wonderfully all over.
  • We also provided some useful search features like keyword search, tag search, category wise search.
  • The website had static 6 menus where the blogs had to be displayed categorically and we achieved it easily.
  • For SEO friendliness, we provided SEO friendly url by doing url redirect and rewriting. Also we stored the scrap data from blog to the each web-page’s meta data, meta keywords and description, so that the Googlebot crawls it easily.

  • Stunning design and look and feel
  • User login and registration option
  • A custom rotating banner with updated blogs
  • Blog parsing
  • Image parsing
  • Searching and sorting Blogs
  • Like/unlike blog
  • Display blog in iFrame
  • SEO friendly urls
  • Complete SEO friendly website

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