PageInMinutes: A Google App Engine Hosted Project
Create HTML Pages in minutes using editable templates, hosted, store and managed via Google App Engine.
PageInMinutes: A Google App Engine Hosted Project

N-Tech has wonderful team of young and diversified developers..They were very much responsive from start of project till the end..Even though requirement were very much complex , They understood every aspect of project in proper way and implemented all the functionality in efficient way..Sure , We would like to work with them again in the future.


PageInMinutes: A Google App Engine Hosted Project

Client and Project

Google app engine has gain popularity in last couple of years and people have been using the same for various projects that require one or more multiple user logins. Each of such project hosted on Google app engine has various requirements.
Basically Google app engine is a cloud platform that allows developers to code, host, share using Google resources. And it charges for the paid services while keeping basic services for free. This is what makes Google app engine special and popular.

The requirement from client was pretty clear and interesting.
And client further required very clean and organized code as part of code quality. The client himself is technical person and is from california.

The basic requirement was to create scalable user accounts with hosting of 300MB, 500MB and 1GB on Google App Engine via Python code

Further the logged in user will be provided with editable HTML templates which they can edit, save, download.

The Challenge
  • We had hands on experience with Google App Engine and this project required skills that we already had. Client wanted to use MySQL, but MySQL is paid version by Google. So we confirmed with client and he agreed to use Non-Rel SQL which is a free version.
  • This changed the initial requirement but we are already aware of MongoDB and have used for few projects so again this was overcome easily.
  • The next and major roadblock was that Google recently changed its policy and didnt allowed multiple user storage. So we had to find alternative to this what would meet policy and client’s need.
  • The final challenges we faced were while actual development activity as there were many times the Google API failed to provide response and some challenges due to difference in settings.

  • We started picking the features module wise. We had the developer level permissions from client which initially created few issues and delays setting up the functions, APIs.
  • But client was actively involved and thus we were able to speed up process and completed the first module quickly.
  • We were too quick in providing responses back and had our developer in direct contact with client.
  • For the initial challenge of user login with different plan/space, we had to implement Google Cloud storage api as extra feature. But we didn’t take that as change request and included in our development process with ease.

  • The task related to provide users editable html, had some issues. The issue was the editable html we received from client was in php and Google App Engine didn’t supported PHP. So we gave some extra time to make it editable in python which extended our timeline. Later on client managed to provide us some JS which when applied, ran perfectly and editable templates were then integrated successfully.
  • We also managed to provide client responsive and good looking design.
  • We use Non-Rel database which saved quite amount of cost to client. We provided a system with minimal bugs, so we were able to launch the site quickly.
  • While we had some issues in implementing download feature, we involved extra developer to aid and we completed our task. The download feature to download only specific html code from full code of App engine is not an easy task, but our developer made it looked easy.
  • Further we also helped client understand the working of App engine and how the API worked.
  • With all the hurdles solved one by one and features implemented we completed project with good quality and response time.

  • Login and Registration
  • Choose plan for hosting and storage
    • Use Cloud Storage API
  • Responsive design and user dashboard
  • Editable HTML Pages
    • View, Edit, Save, Download, Delete HTML Pages
  • Implemented Non-Rel Database
  • Settings
    • Cancel Account
    • Change Plan
    • Edit Profile
  • Integration of various HTML templates (editable templates)

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