Inventory Search: For Gun Dealers
Simple inventory search with salesforce and rackspace integration
Inventory Search: For Gun Dealers

We had total 4 phase of our project and we wanted a company on whom we could trust well, so we decided to give team at PythonIndia to complete phase 1 and we like there work and approach so much that we awarded them all other phases of project. They are great team to work with

Inventory Search

Inventory Search: For Gun Dealers

Client and Project

This is project is part of 3 other projects and is going to be a SaaS based project. The client is from USA and they approached us for phase 1 looking from our strong hold on Python and Django framework.

All four phase of client are going to be in Django framework and they awarded us the first phase of inventory search system. Its a very compact and mini system compared to other 3 future phases of project.

In inventory search we had to provide option for Gun dealers for sign-up and login so that they can access a common database of 4 gun dealers.

The Challenge
  • The project didn’t had any challenges except to execute and deliver quality system to the client.
  • We had several meetings with client even-though the project had only 4 web-pages of requirement to make sure we deliver them 100% of what is expected.
  • For us the real challenge was to provide client a product, using which he would gain confidence and trust on our work and ready to share details and work on next 3 phases.
  • You will be glad to see the outcome as you go through this case study below of what happened next.

  • We follow our custom development process RAPID-M for our all projects.
  • This project needed work of 4-5 working days, but doesn’t mean that you don't follow any development process.
    • To achieve quality you need to stick to a process.
  • We prepared a complete db for client, we created and approved designs and html before beginning of development.
    • By doing this we found few basic gaps in initial requirement that were addressed prior to development that helped us great. Client also appreciated and like our process and approach which infact save his time and efforts as well.
  • During development we had 3 major tasks, we will planned in below mentioned order of development.
    • Salesforce integration
    • Creation of Bots for third party login
    • Integrate client’s rackspace database

  • By implementing salesforce API we created an interface for client to save leads in their salesforce CRM account. This had to be achieved first as the details had to be saved at time of Sign-up.
  • Once user signed up, they needed to enter their dealers credential, that our custom created bot script tries to login in background and provides success or fail results.
  • Once above both requirement were met, the next major step was to provide users ability to search through database of 4 various Gun distributors. This had to be made possible via integrating rackspace database of client to our system.
  • Through integration of this, user can search various products from 4 distributors from one place and gave them ease of searching inventory.
  • Generally after delivery of project and review by client, we get phase 2 or 3 of it, but in this particular case, client was so impressed with our approach that we awarded next both phases while even phase 1 was not even delivered. Such events motivates us further to follow certain processes and strive for maximum quality in our work and approaches.

  • Implemented Bots for checking login to third party website
  • Salesforce API integration
  • Search inventory
  • Save history of search
  • Easy login and registration
  • Settings to change user credentials, distributor login information
  • Simple to use interface
  • Ability to interface with phase 2 and 3 of client’s project

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