Licensing App: For Nigerian Government
Phase 1 licensing portal for Nigerian Government
Licensing App: For Nigerian Government

We would like to thank and appreciate the work of developers and the manager who provided us needed demo for licensing portal for Government of Nigeria.

Nigeria Petroleum Products Information Portal

Licensing App: For Nigerian Government

Client and Project

This was our first project with Nigerian Government via our client who has been working closely with Nigerian government associates and colleagues. Part of our job was to demonstrate a solid Django website/portal that could process online licenses.

The client awarded us the phase 1 for the project as a Demo to test our ability and agility. With our experts on the project, we did this before time limits and did it without any bugs. But there were few things then the actual project which were interesting to see and learn from below case study.

The Challenge
  • The project requirement was simple, srs was well written and scope was clear.
  • The client was also very cooperative, so it didnt look like any challenge in beginning.
  • While we were nearing our deadline, client requested us to use his server which had over 20 virtual environment setups and running live projects. This request was to upload current project on his server.
  • Again, our company protocol doesn’t permit to load all source code without client’s final testing and payment clearance.
  • So here we had to think fast as deadline was nearing, the project was about to complete and were surrounded with some formality issues.

  • We began development as per our RAPID-M
  • The development was smooth and we got all features done before time
  • We then had some extra task in hand to do for client like setup on there live server etc.
  • We had then contacted our marketing team who also had full trust on client and we agreed to upload source code on client’s server before any testing approvals.
  • This was against the protocol, but client required to show demo from his server, thus understanding the criticality of client’s stake, we did this.

  • From development perspective the project was like cheese and butter, smoothly executed.
  • While we were stuck in end in formalities, our CMO (chief marketing officer) was involved and convinced the project manage internally about source code security and testing and also passed same understanding to client and created a win-win situation.
  • Client was also happy to get the demo site working from his server.
  • He then chose to award us 3 more projects for Nigerian government on which we will talk in other case studies.
  • Sometimes we need to understand the needs over the protocols set, protocols can we by passed if that is giving benefits to all stake-holders in a project.
  • Login and registration
  • Robust Admin management
  • Customized admin viewing for reports and forms
  • User profile creation
  • View/Edit/Update Forms
  • 3 License forms
    • Oil Registration Form
    • Pedan Registration Form
    • Export Permit Form
  • Renewal, Cancellation for Forms

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