Medical Adherence System
Revolutionary and easy to use medical adherence
Medical Adherence System

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Medical Adherence System


Medacheck is a renowned name in medical adherence. Based in USA the client is one of our prestigious clients. They came to us with a problem; the problem was the inaccurate, under-par development code for their system.

We proposed client to develop the system from scratch in just one month. The system was never easy and was for alerts, events, notification for patient care. Its main purpose was to provide patients services whereby they can remind patient about their medication schedule. The system was also going to get used by the call center.

  • The client came up with existing code which was broken and in non-working condition. We suggested using the workable code from the existing system just to study logics and then create the whole project from scratch, as working on available broken code always leads to more issues in the end.
  • The project was in Pyramid (Python Framework) and using Mongo DB as NoSql. Using MongoDB which is a NoSql was an easy task for us as we have resources that have proper knowledge of NoSql databases as well. Though we worked from project on scratch we didn’t changed the client’s existing technology which helped them maintain the project in same infrastructure and resources they have in place.
  • The project was given with existing code and no other functional requirement or scope. We had to prepare project scope by ourselves to deliver the project.


The first step in any project is to freeze, scope, and document the requirements. As we didn’t have any hands on documentation, the responsibility was taken on hand by our business analyst. Our analyst prepared a complete SRS document with system flow for client and had it approved before moving to development phase.

Once requirement was freeze, we followed a very quick agile process, wherein after development of each new module, we showed demo to client, tested the module and then started working on next module. This was again done in great speed as we had to develop a robust adherence system in just 1 month.

We were able to meet this deadline and after the deadline, we even implemented some enhancements for clients.

We used ReportLab library available for reporting features. We also created PDF based reports with formatting as well inside the PDF like inputting logo, creating table with proper cell/row indentation etc.

  • Delivered the project on time to customer and saving their turnaround time
  • A fast system and yet easy to use UI for system users
  • Dynamic user management to create various types of users
  • Created latest technology based reports
  • Powerful database using NoSql - MongoDB
Our System Pvt Ltd. implemented below given features:
  • User management
  • Manage staff users, group users and patients
  • Add patient medication report
  • Add patient profile
  • Search for medication
  • Reports

Call report

Adherence Report (Using Report Lab Library)

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