Python Django webservices and API
For the significant boost in application performance,
reduced network bandwidth requirements, and latency

Python Django Web services and API

Service Offerings:-
  • Scalable API
  • XML

Web API is API for both Web Server and Web Browser.

A server-side API is an interface to defined request-response message system which can be expressed in JSON or XML.

A client-side API is an interface used to extend the functionality within a web browser.

We have developed customized API for chat application and an API for Event Management to handle features of like, comment etc.

APIs in Python is developed using Django REST framework. Features of REST Framework:-
  • Powerful and flexible toolkit
  • Web browsable API
  • Customizable
  • Spport for automatic URL routing to Django

Case Study

GPS tracking and Viewpoint python script, for farming and seed management
Technology  Python Django framework

Project was completed on time

Mr. Gerard Shaw
CEO Listo ltd

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