Pension Portal: For Nigerian Government
Pension portal for over 10 million employees of Nigerian Government
Pension Portal: For Nigerian Government

We have always loved to work with this guys, they are puntual, great response time and quality work.. I will have most of my projects done with them in future.

Pension Portal For Nigerian Government

Pension Portal: For Nigerian Government

Client and Project

After our successful first project with client on licensing portal, the client approached and awarded us with another wonderful project related to maintain and tracking of pension.

This was fairly complex project which involved various features like adding pension, changing of pension automatically, creating of monthly reports etc.

The project had a stiff deadline of only 22 days. And we had actual efforts estimated far more than the deadline. Pension portal required a robust admin panel that could manage each and every item of front-end.

The Challenge
  • There were many challenges across other than the stiff deadline.
  • For generating pension report automatically and month wise it needed to develop a system that could calculate the pension values dynamically for different level of employees.
  • The pension was calculated based on the Grade and Step value and there were over 15 Grades and each Grade had 15 steps. Again each step had 7-8 fields like annual salary, basic, allowances etc.
    • Based on this, we had to calculate dynamically for each month user’s pension report and statement.
    • Further, client wanted to manipulate the past and future data of employees as Admin.
    • This is where the real technical challenge lied.

  • The approach was quite simple, we had to develop the system module wise.
  • Unless the system was developed module wise
  • We prepared a complete db for client, we created and approved designs and html before beginning of development.
    • By doing this we found few basic gaps in initial requirement that were addressed prior to development that helped us great. Client also appreciated and like our process and approach which infact save his time and efforts as well.
  • During development we had 3 major tasks, we will planned in below mentioned order of development.
    • Salesforce integration
    • Creation of Bots for third party login
    • Integrate client’s rackspace database

  • The solution needed to implemented a dynamic and flexible database. So we used PostGreSQL as it can handle data well.
  • We helped client upload his data on his server, setup the environment as an extra server for very reasonable amount compared to project value.
  • Login and registration
  • Create user profile, employee profile
    • Change employe Grade and Step
    • Generate employee monthly pension report and statement
  • Edit Employes records, manipulate ability for past records of employee and even future for generating reports
  • Pension report
  • Pension Statement

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