Desktop Printer Application
Ntech assist client in their existing broken project.
Desktop Printer Application

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Desktop Printer Application


We have worked for many clients over the globe. This particular client was from Brazil. He already had a desktop application for printer ready. But he wanted some enhancements and some bug fixes. Though this was project done by some other developer and we had to start work from where he left, we accepted it with the kind of resources we have. We trust our resources that are experts and are willing to take up any challenge and explore new horizons. The client provided us the broken source code on which we had to work upon.


Initially, though this was project in core python, we had to review the current code, run it and analyze it. The desktop application was running ok, but had few bugs. So our first task was to identify all bugs, prioritize the development flow and plan when we can implement the enhancements. We had solved the bugs and ran the printer program. But there were many hurdles ahead waiting that we were not aware of. We only had 4-5 bugs + enhancements as part of requirements. This included, changing the UI, showing proper printer list, show cartridge ink level, clear windows warning messages. But we found that windows message couldn’t get resolve due to limitation from OS side and not code, also it required a digital certificate as well. And for showing ink level, we had a library that was supporting only the linux systems and not windows, while this project was already for windows OS.

The major killing factor was time in this project as it was expected to be completed in a week.


We had prepared a thorough plan for project execution. We used our Redmine tool to define our detailed task to our developer. We had daily scrums to ensure our delivery and discuss out the challenges in front of us.

As mentioned earlier there were two main challenges related to project feasibility only.

Remove warning messages

This was something we found out of scope and bounds, but we tried to show the printer name with the cartridges they have. But to show ink level we had to explain and make our client aware of the situation. We follow very strict guidelines when it comes to client interactions and deliverables. We explained the client issue straight away and maintained transparency. We thought we would lose project, but instead client appreciated our efforts and findings which we put forth them. And we also tried continuing finding if any solution without charging any extra from client.

Remove warning messages

This was something that required client to purchase a very expensive certificate to remove the warning messages in windows OS during installation of application. Client didn’t had the budget for same. But we are not quitters; we found our way to skip the warning messages to a certain level. And now it only required client to integrate digital certificate when they have it. We reduced warning messages from 4 to just 1.

Other than this we did many activities for client such as changing UI of application, given new fields to add name by client and some new alert messages for users.

Also the project was not in English language, but in Portuguese.

  • We helped client deliver a new user friendly UI to their customers
  • Users of application can now see the various new information like printer name, add their own name to application etc.
  • Helped client make aware of their existing product’s viability and overall feasibility in future upgrades.

Our System Pvt Ltd. implemented below given features:
  • New UI and design
  • Added username field for users to save app with their name
  • Added some alert messages

  • Show printer IP address Applied proper coding standard to their existing code
  • Show printer names
  • Solved the existing bugs in application
  • Removed warning messages

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