Job Portal: For Nigerian Government
Job portal for Nigerian Government
Job Portal: For Nigerian Government

We got good response from Ntech team as always, who took our task or redesign and development and did it with easy and care.

Federal Judicial Service Commission

Job Portal: For Nigerian Government

Client and Project

This was another project with Nigerian Government. The client had Job Portal developed in PHP but wanted to redesign and redevelop it in Django Python framework. As we had done many projects with the client, they were well versed with the skills and expertise of our developers and so, instead of hiring anyone else, they selected us for the project.

The project is regarding Online Recruitment having three users where the jobs can can be posted as per the vacancy, the job seeker can apply for the jobs and the admin can manage jobs and job seekers.

The Challenge
  • As the client didn’t have much technical knowledge, they were not aware that the code in php cannot be converted to django as django does not support php and due to this the timeline given to complete the project was less. But we accepted the challenge of developing the project from scratch and completing it within the timeline.

  • We began development as per our RAPID-M methodology.
  • During the development, each module was tested so that if it had any bugs then they could be solved at that very moment.
  • We were able to develop the system rapidly and implement all the features within time.

  • Though we developed the system from scratch using django, all the functionalities remained same as they were in the system developed using php.

  • Login and registration
  • Admin management
    • View applications
    • Download multiple applications in pdf
    • Filter applications
    • Dashboard
    • User access levels
  • Job seekers
    • Confirmation email sent on successful registration
    • Change password
    • View applications
    • Apply for job
  • Manage jobs
    • Add jobs
    • Edit jobs
    • Delete jobs
    • Unpublish jobs

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