Social Media analysis using Python Django framework
Our System Pvt Ltd. delivered web based social media monitor tool, a tool that tracks and compares how brands (Fan Pages/Titter Users) are performing on Facebook and Twitter
Social Media Data

Team is really competent and has done good work for the project that I"ve given. Each and every requirement of the project was implemented and delivered as per the expectation.

Hoodoo Software Solutions

Social Media analysis


Hoodoo soft is new start-up social media Analysis Company. Hoodoo soft team believes that brands and consumers should be given as much exposure to each other as possible. With heightened Internet penetration and remarkable uptake of Social Media, the overwhelming data available is a massive opportunity for brands to learn more from consumers. The power is now in the hands of the consumer and the only way for brands to flourish is to communicate and deliver on consumers’ expectations. Hoodoo understands this and aims to help brands make the most of this fast-paced and ever-evolving online world.


Hoodoo soft required Our System Pvt Ltd. to create one platform for social media analysis that helps user to analyze multi social networking sites data on one platform with different parameters. Client wanted “Facebook” & “Twitter” data analysis. We have to integrate both social networking sites to fetch data as per client requirement


There are many applications like Social Media Monitor on the market today like Twitter Counter, but none of them combine Facebook and Twitter tracking and we had to develop a web based application that combines Facebook & Twitter tracking. It's a rather simple tool that provides useful social data at a glance.


We have delivered one web based Social Media Monitor tool, a tool that tracks and compares how brands (Fan Pages/Titter Users) are performing on Facebook and Twitter. Only standard user can use the application. Initially user has to register with application and then admin will approve/reject the user. If admin will approve the user then user can use the application.

We have integrated Facebook & Twitter api to fetch data. We have developed user interface where user can set their preference for facebook fan page and Twitter user for data analysis. To get the facebook/twitter data, first user has to sign-in with facebook/twitter for authentication. User can analyse data between any period and can see daily, weekly, monthly or yearly data analysis. User can analyse the data with different parameters/metrics (Likes, comments, twitted, rewetted etc.) and can view data in csv format and can also view data in graphical view.

  • Users can now analyze facebook fan page/Twitter user data with different parameters and metrics in data and graphic format.
  • If you want to analyze the performance of different companies or brands on Facebook and Twitter, all you need to do is enter link of facebook fan page or twitter user name of brand, and you are shown a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly comparison of Facebook fan page or Twitter user growth.
  • This social media monitor tool helps users to analyze the facebook fan page and twitter user performance with different parameters & metrics that give deep analysis with graphical view.

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