Sportivore: Social website for Sport
Transforming existing dull website to fully Responsive design and splendid looking.
Sportivore: Social website for Sport

The Ntech team were terrific and have delivered on the requirements of our project. They have excellent communication skills and were able to quickly adpt and modify and changes we required during the project and even did additional works outside of the initial scope without charge. They a have good django python programmer and an excellent team supporting them. Looking forward to using them again in the future. Thanks


Sportivore: Social website for Sport

Client and Project

The client is from Australia, who are a startup, enthusiastic and keen working on social sport and fitness regime. The website of client was already built in Django. Even though they had incredible design, but was still missing responsiveness. The client came to us for creating the full site in responsive, some design bugs and add some functions.

The client wanted to get this done in 4-5 days. As they wanted to launch it soon. So we analysed the requirement and promised client to deliver in time.

The Challenge
  • The challenge here is that we had to work on old code which is done by someone else. But that is not any excuse for any team.
  • The code upon first review looked solid and upto the current generally accepted coding standards. But the real flaws were in the design (html, css).
  • The flaws were not about coding standards but about being half responsive. The site used tags and elements which were not used while creating responsive site
  • For e.g. in the responsive design width is not given, while in this website everywhere width was given. So we had to figure out such things from beginning the project work.
  • Also another shortcoming was that project required to follow numerous points for installation and setup. Our server didn’t supported node js. So we had to find a way to install the project so we could start working on it.

  • Our first target was to analyze the current project design. And for that we needed to setup project from Github without any loopholes.
  • As our server had already many projects that didn’t required Node JS, we had to find alternative to setup the client’s existing project somewhere else.
  • So we started setting it up on one of our Ubuntu system and had to first downgrade it as per project installation steps. We followed each step meticulously and ran project successfully. And to the alternative of our demo server, we loaded our project on pagekite - a cloud system that access local code and database to provide demo url to us.
  • Once code was run, we provided our designers all templates, views information and html, css files.
  • We create the CSS from scratch keeping the old CSS intact. We believe in smart work, but we believe that smart work required only where it gives us fruitful and rapid results, where we need to work the hard way, we have to. So we didn’t use the old CSS which was buggy and had non-responsive elements, but instead we create a new one in just one day and completed almost all pages of site responsive in next 2 days with client iteration.
  • After that we were in constant touch with client to get there further feedback who also had technical know-how programing language. So we tried to put our best to provide them best output.

  • Implementing new CSS without affecting code and current design.
  • Implemented Facebook Login
  • Fully Responsive website
  • New Icons and Design
  • W3C Standard compliant

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